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Buffalo IVF Attends ASRM in Boston

October 24th, 2013

From October 12th to 17th, 2013, fertility experts from around the world converged on Boston, MA to present and review the latest advances in reproductive medicine.  Buffalo IVF was represented by Drs. Sullivan and Griffin, as well as embryologist and Laboratory Supervisor Peter Vaccaro.

Dr. Sullivan covered a diverse spectrum of topics during the meeting - a postgraduate course reviewing the management of menopause, sessions discussing new research on female fertility preservation, endometrial receptivity and implantation, and medical therapy for male factor infertility, an interactive session on androgen excess, and a hands-on review of modern hysteroscopy.

Dr. Griffin focussed on surgical management of infertility - an interactive session on incorporating robotic surgery into modern fertility treatment, a round table luncheon discussing surgical management for infertile patients with endometriosis, a review of management options for uterine fibroids, and a live-surgery session for advanced laparoscopists - and also spent significant time investigating recurrent implantation failure and pregnancy loss.

Peter Vaccaro sought to optimize IVF outcomes in the laboratory, attending a post-graduate course on cryobiology, cryophysics and quality control of gamete, embryo and tissue vitrification, interactive sessions discussing fertility and advanced paternal age as well as physiologic sperm selection, and new research presentations on oocyte biology and assisted reproductive technologies.

In addition, the group attended plenary sessions together discussing chromosome structure, early genetic testing and the architecture of human genetic disease, small RNAs, stem cells, and a global approach to endometriosis-related infertility.  According to Dr. Sullivan, "the meeting provides a unique opportunity to interact with other specialists in order to review and critique the latest advances in our field.  Our goal is to bring the clinically applicable advances back to our practice to benefit our patients".